Know what to expect. Below briefly outlines the building process:

Phase 1: Pre-Construction Requirements

During this stage, in addition to gathering all legal requirements and constuction permits, we will review our homeowner warranty as well as blueprint and construction plans allowing for any adjustments.

Phase 2: Site PreparationSite Preparation and Foundation:

Site is prepared for construction, footing is completed and the foundation is set for your home.

Phase 3: Framing, Windows and RoofingFramework, Windows, and Shingles:

During this stage, all interior and exterior walls and roof system is framed, windows are set and shingling is completed

Phase 4: Electical, HVAC and PlumbingElectrical, HVAC and Plumbing

Next, your electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems are installed and your home is ready for inspection.

Phase 5: Drywall, Trim and DoorDrywall, Trim and Door Installation

During this stage, exterior finishes from siding to stonework or brick have begun and interior drywalling, doors and molding are installed. We can custom install all trim and crown molding, adding a polished finished look.

Phase 6: Kitchen and BathKitchen and Bath Cabinets & Countertops

All cabinets throughout your home are set and countertops installed. At this point, your home is ready for carpet and/or flooring installation.

Phase 7: Inspection and Walk-ThroughBuilder Quality Inspection and Homeowner Walk-through

Before we hand over the keys to your home, we perform a quality inspection and homeowner walk-through.

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