How to Go Green and Save

There are so many ways for you to go green and save. Whether you want to replace the windows in your existing home or install a new geo-thermal system we have the information and experience to fit all your needs. If you would like information on how to go green and save give us a call and we can send you additional information. Click here to contact us for more information.

Ways to Go Green

High Efficiency, Low-E Windows

Over 50% of your home's electricity is comprised of heating, cooling and lighting your home. Windows play a key role in reducing heat loss and eliminating air infiltration. Using high efficiency, low-E windows throughout your home is an easy way to become more energy efficient and save you money in the long run. Click here to contact us for a free quote or more information.

High Efficiency HVAC System & Geothermal Heat Pump

A high efficiency HVAC system and geothermal heat pump will reduce your utility bills by 15-20%. More than just heating and cooling your home, you will maintain a more even level of conditioning, indoor air quality and comfort on one effiecient system. Click here to contact us for a free quote or more information.

Use Greywater / Heat Recovery System

Greywater systems allow you to reuse up to 60% of your household water for purposes of irrigating your lawn and flushing toilets. This can save up to 90% of the energy it takes to heat the water in your home Such drain-water heat recovery systems cost between $300 and $500 and have a two-and-a-half to seven-year payback time.

Use Renewabable Materials

Green building materials are composed of renewable, rather than nonrenewable resources. We can provide a wide range of green materials and products you can use in your home as well as pricing.

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